Scoof® makes cafetiere and French press coffee better!

STIRS and improves the taste of your coffee. For best results, cafetiere coffee should be thoroughly stirred and left 3-4 minutes for the flavour to develop. Scoof is the ideal stirrer as when gently lifted and dropped the blades turn naturally to mix the coffee perfectly.

CLEANS your cafetiere easily. Scoof is designed to lift out 95% of the waste grounds. Just twist the handle, lift out the grounds and repeat once. The edge of the blade can also be used to rake out any remnants.The collected coffee is good to go to the food waste bin, kept for fertiliser or a host of other uses.

Better coffee

Scoof stirs cafetiere coffee making it taste better and cleans the cafetiere easily

Better environment

Scoof helps stop cafetiere waste coffee grounds from blocking the sink.

British design

Scoof, the cafetiere utensil, has been imagined, designed and produced in the UK

Scoof on sale here  –  4 colours to choose from…

Made from a strong and durable nylon – heat resistant, dishwasher-proof, food-safe and can be recycled

Teal Green

Scoof - Teal


Scoof double blades

Our unique double blade design

Scoof® improves the taste of cafetiere coffee as for best results cafetiere coffee should be thoroughly stirred and then left for the flavour to develop.

The specially designed 2 bladed head works as a perfect stirrer: the blades turn naturally as Scoof is gently raised and lowered in the coffee. With just a gentle movement of the utensil the coffee grounds are perfectly mixed, ensuring the maximum amount of flavour reaches the final cup.

As Scoof is made with a flexible and strong nylon plastic, there is no risk of breaking a glass cafetiere or French press (a risk if stirring with a metal spoon).

Scoof® stirs cafetiere coffee perfectly

Stirring the coffee makes sure all the grounds are well soaked, this allows the full flavour of ALL the ground coffee in your cafetiere to fully steep to create a great tasting coffee. This is where Scoof really does shine!

The unique double blade design of Scoof works in a similar way to a propeller, to create a coffee vortex. This coffee vortex mixes the coffee and water perfectly.

Easy grip ergonomic handle

Our designers wanted to create a handle that was long enough to keep your hand away from the coffee and easy to hold for both left and right handed users. The wide body of the handle allows for easy turning when cleaning the grounds. The tapered grip fits easily and comfortably into your palm.

After all, you want to ensure that stirring your cafetiere coffee or cleaning the pot is simple, mess free and good for the environment!

Scoof detail

Helps keep the sink block free

No one likes disposing of waste coffee grounds down the sink. Scoof is an easy way to lift out coffee grounds straight to the food waste or bin and helps to keep sinks and drains blockage free.

Did you know? Used coffee grounds and eggshell disposed of in sinks and drains do not break down easily and contribute to solid waste in the sewerage system that can eventually become ‘fatbergs’ costing water companies £millions to dispose of.

Coffee grounds and the environment

Scoof® is good for the environment as it is an easy way to collect coffee grounds for compost and fertiliser. This means less landfill and fewer clogged sinks and drains.

Did you know? used coffee grounds make an excellent fertiliser for the garden.