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Joe PartridgeJoe Partridge, creator of Scoof and founder of Just So Ideas Ltd

Hello and thank you for looking us up!
You may be curious to know a little bit about the background to this new cafetiere / French Press utensil I named Scoof (which I hope is a distinctive and memorable brand name that is fitting for a new type of scoop for coffee lovers).

I have enjoyed drinking coffee ever since I was aged 7 – which I can’t quite believe now, but it was the 1970’s! My love of coffee grew and developed, and I have been a fan of cafetiere coffee for many years; cafetiere coffee is simple to make and results in a rich full-flavoured cup of coffee. My only quibble was the messy business of cleaning up the used grounds… so I wondered how this problem could be solved..

Developing the idea started very slowly, well I slept on the problem, and eventually I came up with a solution during a night when I couldn’t sleep. The idea I dreamt up, was to create a sort of propellor that when inserted into the cylindrical shape of a cafetiere, collected and drew up the waste grounds so that they could be lifted out easily.

I got to work creating models which I tested and further developed. The slope of the blades was adjusted for optimal ‘digging in’, low walls were added to help keep the grounds in place like the cup of a spoon. During testing I also realised that a propellor shape also works as a very efficient mixer. This was a ta dah moment as  Scoof was now a cafetiere tool that could be used in preparation as a stirrer and afterwards as the perfect tool to make cleaning up a cinch. Once a final prototype was made and tested the journey to take Scoof to market began…


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