Make Cafetiere coffee better with Scoof®

Our unique utensil improves the cafetiere ritual

How to make Cafetiere coffee better with Scoof®. STIR and prepare coffee perfectly. Lift and drop gently into the coffee brew and the blades turn naturally like a spinning top mixing the coffee flavours in and improving your coffee

CLEAN up easily after use. Drain excess liquid and use to lift out waste grounds. Removes 95% in 3 twists, rake out last 5% then rinse

PROTECT your sink, waste disposal, drains & sewage system from blockages

SAVE your grounds for the food waste or collect for compost, a nitrogen-rich fertilizer, and many other uses (rather than going to landfill or sewage)

Scoof Stirs and Cleans Perfectly

Making coffee correctly is very important. Because getting this wrong can be a taste disaster – no one likes bitter burnt coffee (you don’t do you?)!

The beauty of cafetiere coffee is that it combines simplicity in preparation with a great outcome. Coffee which is brewed in a cafetiere is infused, much like tea (which is why you can make tea in a cafetiere too), rather than having high pressure forcing through it, like in an espresso.

This means, for the best results, the beans should be more coarsely ground. The flavours created with a cafetiere tend to be slightly milder and more evenly balanced than say in espresso.

In our opinion the coffee should be stirred. This is where Scoof comes in, because it stirs better than anything we know (short of picking up the cafetiere and shaking it). So go ahead and make Cafetiere coffee better with Scoof®

Its easy to make Cafetiere coffee better with Scoof®. Cafetiere coffee tastes great and is simple to prepare, but cafetieres have a downside; they are messy to clean. Scraping out coffee grounds is awkward and washing them down the sink could block it.
Scoof is a dedicated utensil designed to clean cafetieres in a simple twist. Simply tap the grounds in the food waste or collect and reuse as compost, fertiliser and a host of other uses