Navy Scoof

Stir whilst making cafetiere coffee, let the flavour out…

(1) Use Scoof to stir  (2) Pour and enjoy

Scoof Easy to use instructions
And after, clean & collect…

(3) Drain excess & Insert (4) Twist & lift out grounds (5) Tap into bin
(6) Rake final 5% into bin

Scoof - Easy to use Diagrams

Scoof stirs perfectly, just push down gently and the blades automatically twist and create a vortex to mix the coffee and water in an instant.

Size guide: Scoof® is 84mm in diameter and slightly smaller than standard cafetiere plunger sizes. Fits 4, 6 and 8 cup cafetieres including double-walled versions. Dishwasher safe or simply rinse under the tap.

Scoof® and the environment: Collecting used coffee grounds keeps sinks block-free and reduces food waste entering drains and sewers. Coffee grounds are a good nitrogen rich, neutral pH level compost.

Care: Resistant to temperatures of up to 100ºC. May become a little coffee stained over time.